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Personal support, well-founded expertise with trustworthy advice are the basis of successful cooperation.

The name "SolvaReal" is a play on words from the Latin verb solvere , means to solve and the word real , which stands for factual, real and in the context of real estate solutions .

Properties in good and very good locations continue to be attractive investments. In particularly sought-after economic areas, the real estate market has been growing for years. Real estate yields have fallen due to the rise in land prices. However, this discount is accepted, because the right property location and sustainable furnishings ensure the value of the property in the long term. This is now becoming clear since the inflation of over 8% that was sparked in 2022 has led to a de facto devaluation of money. Real assets are less profitable, but real estate will continue to assert itself as a reliable investment segment due to the increased construction costs and the continuing high pressure of demand for living space in popular metropolitan areas.


Those who dare to develop money, provide for old age, plan generations within the family cannot ignore the investment focus on real estate, because every real estate investment should be long-term and sustainable. These topics are in demand more than ever, especially in today's world.


We therefore recommend that our customers clarify the distribution of assets individually and adjust them to future circumstances. Our service is characterized by independent, case-by-case support and leads to the desired result with confidentiality and quality. Our customers appreciate that.

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